Philips RM-L1070 RM-L1030 remote control HUAYU

Philips RM-L1070 RM-L1030 remote control HUAYU

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For Philips RM-L1070= RM-L1030 CRP606-01 no programming or set up required.

  • High quality replacement Philips RM-L1070 . Remote control for RM-L1070 CRP606/01 also known as 2422 549 02543 PHILIPS LCD – LED – PLASMA.
  • It could directly control many of PHILIPS models.
  • Supported / Compatible models: RM-L1070=RM-L1030 32PFL5605H12, 40PFL5605H12, 42PFL5405H12, 32PFL5405H12, 46PFL5605H, 52PFL5605H12, 46PFL5605H12, 40PFL5605K02, 37PFL5405H60, 37PFL5405H12, 37PFL5405H05, 32PFL5605H05, 32PFL6605H12, 40PFL6605H60, 32PFL3705H12, 40PFL6605H12, 32PFL7605C12, 40PFL6605, 40PFL5705H12, 32PFL3805H12, 42PFL7605C12 und 32PFL6605D78 “DAVINCI”.
  • Remote control for Philips RM-L1070 CRP606/01 also known as 2422 549 02543 PHILIPS LCD – LED – PLASMA. Its universal for many PHILIPS model. Works straight out the box. Sold without battery and uses two AAA batteries. This replacement remote will work as well as original and covers 100% everything like original. It is a Superior quality remote

This company is one of the largest and earliest corporation in manufacture of remote controller.Huayu Electronic Technology Co is  specializes in the research and development, and the manufacture of home electrical equipment remote control and IC.

 Figure illustrates the original remote . The supplied remote can be different from the photos, but functions completely correspond to the original control.

Please contact us if you are not sure about the model of your TV and the compatibility of the remote device.


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